About us

We love the job you hate..! Leave your troubles with us...!

Don't have time to do your laundry or just too tired to do it? Well, whatever it is, we are here for you. We at HOUSENEED are just here to make your life easier and your clothes cleaner. Houseneed is an On-Demand laundry and dry cleaning service company providing you with the best laundry service and the super clean clothes. So you don't have to worry about your clothes and continue doing the work you love. Rest, you can leave on us.

Wondering how it works? Actually it is as easy as you can think. Now, getting your laundry done is just a click away. You just need to schedule your pick up and we'll be there for you. We pick up your pile of dirty clothes, clean them and deliver them within time. We provide quality results at your doorstep making it the most convenient and affordable solution of getting your laundry done. You can just sit back and relax.

HOUSENEED is an ON-DEMAND laundry and dry cleaning service with affordable pricing currently having coverage in GURGAON. We are catering to your personal wardrobe with pick up and drop off facilities to match your busy schedule. You just have to schedule a pick up and we'll be there to help you in getting rid of that extra pile of dirty clothes and provide you with the fresh and clean clothes to match your personality.